Gof Name: Adam Wysocki
Nickname: Gof
Lives in: Warsaw, Poland
Email: gof-web (at)
Call sign: SP5GOF
Public keys: pgp, ssh-rsa, GaduCrypt
Cryptocurrency addresses: dogecoin, litecoin

About this site

In the era of Web 2.0, personal websites are not as popular as they were in the early 2000s, but this page still serves as the collection of links to my various projects and other stuff.

Some commonly asked questions

Q: Why is this site in English?
A: Historically was in Polish, but currently people benefit from online resources beyond language barriers more than in 2000 (when Internet was more localized and when the first version of this site, under different domain name, was launched) and English became a "lingua franca", a common means of communication between speakers of different first languages. There's no reason to create new barriers.

Q: Why
A: "Chmurka" means "cloud". I don't remember the exact story behind that name, I just wanted a place to host my stuff online. I registered this domain name in 2005, before the concept of cloud computing emerged. Because of that, this domain has nothing to do with cloud computing. Also, please don't confuse it with, which is being run by a completely unrelated entity.

Q: Why .net and not .pl?
A: Main reason is that this domain was originally bought to be a domain for my private computer network to allow me to use public DNS servers instead of private servers with a private domain. It still has some subdomains that serve this purpose, but they are used only by me (you wouldn't have much use of these private addresses anyway).

Q: Is this domain name for sale?
A: No.

Q: Why does this website look like it was made in 1990s?
A: Because I value simplicity and usability more than unnecessary complexity and bloat. Keep it simple, stupid, as the rule says.

Site index

Photography corner
Because sometimes I take photos and some of them are worth showing. Let me take you on a photo journey!

Hardware and software
I strongly believe in open-source, hence all my private projects are released as a source code. As I use GNU/Linux as my main operating system, most of these programs are designed to run on Linux or are portable between variety of UNIX systems. My projects revolve around electronics and programming, often combining both of these worlds. Most of them are written in C or C++.

Motorcycle mechanics and tuning
As I ride a motorcycle on a daily basis and I service and mod it myself, I've put together some notes and hints related to servicing and tuning. They are mostly useful when dealing with the first generation of Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa.

In the past (really distant past, in 2000s) I made some covers, remixes and my own instrumental tracks. I have almost 100 tracks created or remixed by me in my personal FastTracker II folder. You can find a few of them on SoundCloud by visiting the link above. Probably I will upload more one day.

Ham radio corner
This page does not exist yet. I plan to launch it as soon as I have enough material to share. Probably it will be focused on LF and VLF communication. Stay tuned!

Site changelog
When I add something new to the site, I also update the change log. This way you won't miss anything. There is also an Atom feed for your RSS/Atom reader containing these changes.